Logopsycom is an education innovation center that creates and uses alternative methods or tools (digital or not) to accompany schools, VET centers, educational organizations, youngsters and parents. It was initially created as a care company specialized in learning disorders among youngsters, especially in “Dys” (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.), also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), and therefore always works on the accessibility of content. 

We do project consulting for schools and youth centers in our area in order to help them build good projects that improve the quality of their teaching methods, their environment, and their “inclusion policy”. We have experience working on over 30 Erasmus+KA2 Projects. 


Ballymun Job Centre Co-op Society Limited (BJC) is a community-based non-profit charity providing employment services to local job seekers. The overall objective of the BJC is to provide individuals with greater labor market choice and the opportunity to improve their employability, increase their earnings and reduce their vulnerability to poverty. The BJC works to reduce the level of poverty by providing unemployed individuals with access to career guidance, education, and training which leads to job placement and thus to quality employment and increased income and job security.The BJC has built relationships and worked closely with a wide range of public, private, European, and community organizations, as well as operates also at the local level.

Through a client-centered approach, the BJC has developed innovative initiatives that aim to tackle unemployment by addressing the barriers and needs presented by the clients. Many clients have multiple barriers to employment including low formal education, low basic skills, poor work histories/long-term unemployment, low self-esteem/ coping abilities, dependency on welfare, involvement in antisocial behavior, addictions, criminal histories, early school leaving, disabilities, and mental health difficulties for example. The BJC, therefore, provides a wide range of services and activities to help overcome these barriers and support people in the labor market.


The European Education and Learning Institute is a VET/Lifelong Learning Centre, certified by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance in Greece.

The European Education and Learning Institute (EELI) is in Rethymno and operates all over the island of Crete. It offers services in a wide range of community programmes, aiming to actively contribute to the lifelong learning of people of all ages and strengthen cooperation in education throughout Europe. It deeply embraces the idea that people just never stop learning and through its work and its international network, EELI promotes research, regional development, transnational partnerships, and European projects that upgrade professional qualifications. EELI designs and manages educational programmes, assisting stakeholders to work together, develop, share, and transfer best practices and innovative approaches. It develops and tests training curriculums and materials and organises seminars, workshops and training activities for educators, trainers, teachers, professionals, unemployed and young workers. EELI provides public and private educational institutions with technical assistance in the development and implementation of EU programmes and research projects.

The Institute specialises in the fields of social research, Education and Training at all levels -including Historical and Cultural studies, European studies, Environmental studies and the Arts.


Eurocultura is a no-profit research, training and career counselling organization set up in 1993. Eurocultura’s key competencies are related to the labour market and training issues, developing projects and activities which aim at preventing unemployment by improving the employability of young people, women and workers at risk of expulsion from the labor market, through the promotion of entrepreneurship, international mobility of students and workers, the prevention and fight against racism and prejudices, the support of the environmental care and the active participation. 

The work of Eurocultura is focused on international projects, career management, mobility projects in Italy, research, recruiting, social media management and networking.  

Over the years, Eurocultura has created a network of companies where the students do their internships, establishing collaborative relationships with the different organizations representing companies and workers. Their work is not limited to youth, however. Eurocultura often works with adults who belong to vulnerable groups, such as first-generation immigrants, women who are victims of violence, as well as those with physical or mental disabilities or learning difficulties. 


VIljandi Kutseõppekeskus (Vocational Training Centre) is a public school offering both full time and part-time students the opportunity to study in: automotive and metalworks; IT and service industry specializations; and various construction departments. 

The school offers courses with an “L” designation, at a reduced curriculum level for full-time students who have a Special Educational Need (SEN). SEN students are also permitted to choose the full curriculum groups or often decide to take a shorter course. The students have a variety of disorders, including autism, deafness, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and cognitive processing disorders. The school also offers trainings to local groups that have intellectual disabilities to help them build life skills. 

VIKK has had a considerable amount of experience with international projects and with the reality of SEN learners. VIKK has established a support system that includes a social pedagogue, psychologist, and group leaders.  

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